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In-Home Holistic Pet Care

Keep your best friend with you for a lifetime, the natural way.

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Let Your Pets Shine!

Keep your pets happy and healthy through herbs, good food, massage, and acupuncture.

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Anxiety-free Healthcare

Keep your pets relaxed and content with gentle exams right in your home.

Restore Your Pet's Vitality

Give your aging pets a boost of energy and a new outlook on life, making their final days and weeks comfortable.

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Peaceful Final Passage

Allow your pet to spend their final moments in the peace and comfort of loving arms in their own home.

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Free Download
A Pet Owner’s Guide To
Understanding Eastern Medicine

Herbal Therapy

Chinese Herbal Therapy

 Eastern herbal therapy is at the heart of our holistic approach to healing your pet. When combined with lifestyle changes and fresh, natural foods selected for your pet’s specific needs will greatly improve their health.

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Acupuncture for dogs

 Whether you’re concerned about arthritis, cancer, diabetes, or any one of dozens of other diseases your pets may be suffering with, acupuncture is an effective and vital component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

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Gentle Euthanasia

Compassionate Euthanasia in the Arms of Loved Ones
While acupuncture, herbals, and food can go a long way toward helping your pet, there comes a time when euthanasia is inevitable. We’re able to help your pet pass on peacefully, right in your home and surrounded by the love of family.

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Introducing Holistic Healthcare for Your Pets

What the heck is Holistic Pet Care???

 If you’re like the vast majority of pet owners, you’ve been trained to take your pets to a traditional veterinary practice for vaccines, parasite prevention, surgery, and medical treatment after they’ve gotten sick. And that’s all good. It’s what you’ve known and it’s been pretty much your only option for pet care.

 But the norms in pet care are changing and now you’ve got a choice. A really unique choice. One that allows you to keep your pets happy and healthy in the way God intended; through holistic pet care, a strong immune system, and a balanced lifestyle.

 And all this Right At Home through our exclusive in-home holistic pet care service.

Holistic pet care

 Sure your pet may get sick, and they may need a traditional veterinarian for those really bad problems that need to respond TODAY! My goal, by focusing on holistic pet care and keeping your pet balanced, is to avoid the diseases that are becoming all too common in our pets. Arthritis, allergies, digestive disease, cancer, immune-mediated diseases, diabetes, obesity….With a conscious effort to eliminate the toxins, inflammatory foods, unnecessary medications, and excessive vaccinations your pets are exposed to, you can prevent most if not all these diseases throughout your pet’s lifetime.

 Please call to schedule a Complimentary Consultation to see if holistic pet care makes sense to you, in particular our Eastern approach. If you’re not familiar with Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, the basis for our treatment protocols, please use the form above to download the eBook “A Pet Owner’s Guide to Eastern Medicine – Herbs, Food, and Acupuncture”. Hopefully, it’ll answer some of your questions.

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